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Reusable packagings for the food delivery market

Who are we?

Let's get rid of
single-use packaging!

Shared Packaging is a social enterprise founded in 2019 with the mission to eliminate all single-use packaging in the food delivery market. We are obsessed with making sustainability fun, rewarding and especially… easy! Want to know how? Contact us now!

What do we do?

Shared Packaging wants to change the current standard of single-use by implementing a system of packaging re-use. By reusing the packaging we can prevent millions of kilos of unnecessary waste!

And this is how it works...

1. Order & Eat

Order food online at one of your favourite restaurants

2. Collect & Clean

Let us pick up your packaging for cleaning

3. Quality Control

We run a thorough quality check to ensure the packaging’s look and safety

4. Re-use packaging

We prepare the packaging for reuse and waste is prevented

Why Shared Packaging?

New legislation

From 2021, single-use plastics will be banned by the European Parliament. 

Short life span of all single-use packagings

There is a crisis of waste overflooding litter management companies.

Besides that, there is a problem of large scale extraction of raw materials!

Biodegradable plastics are not always compostable in nature

There are many misconceptions about biodegradable plastics. The truth is that many biodegradable plastics are not a true solution.

Our collaborations


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